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ЕС-вентилятор экономит до 70% энергии
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Energy saving problem is actual all around the world. On the way to energy conservation international experience is very important, for example, in agriculture in Denmark. Traditional fans installed on pig farms in Denmark use annually 200 million kWh. This figure can be reduced by at least one half, due to the replacement of standard fans, which are majority of Danish pig farms equipped with, with electronically commutated (EC) fans. The results of research carried out by the energy company EnergiMidt, one of the four leading distribution companies in Denmark, prove it.

It is estimated that a pig farm, equipped with energy-efficient EC fans can reduce energy consumption by 50-70%. If these fans are installed in all pig farms of the country, the savings will amount up to EUR 10 million per year. It will give the opportunity to invest in the future, and guarantee recoupment of EU-fans as soon as possible.