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Клапаны расхода воздуха CVD
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The company Arctic presents the new product, a constant air flow valves CVD manufactured by Polar Bear.
Constant air flow valves CVD are intended for use in ventilation and conditioning systems for various purposes, when you need to ensure a constant flow of air in some parts of the ventilation system, regardless of changes in operating parameters of the system. The valves are installed inside the CVD circular ducts, and ensure the maintenance of a constant air flow over a wide pressure range from 50 to 200 Pa.
Application of CVD valves can significantly save labor costs for commissioning, providing fast and precise balancing of ventilation systems.
The operating principle of the valve is based on the change of its aerodynamic pressure change in the ventilation system: the sensor element (spring-loaded flap) increases or decreases the flow section area to compensate the altered pressure in the system, and this way provides a constant flow rate.
Structurally, the valves CVD consist of thecase equipped with a rubber seal, which is placed inside the flap, based on a calibrated stainless steel spring, and a set of additional removable plastic inserts. Each CVD valve has from three to five pre-set operating values ​​of air flow, the valve setting for a specific circumstances is made by varying of the number of removable inserts.